A downloadable RPG Maker Game for Windows

On a normal peaceful Monday in Scratchland, Evil A983 had a big plan to destroy Scratchland once and for all: create the EVILA983MECHA! It started destroying Scratchland, piece by piece. Projects started crashing. A983 & Pals need to stop it, so they created superhero alter-egos and created the team that is: "Cyberman and Friends".

  1. Cyberman - When Scratchland is in danger, Cyberman is here to help. He wields guns & rifles, so this guy is tough to deal with.
  2. DragonDude - The Superhero equivalent of Drago.
  3. Super E - The Superhero equivalent of Evan.
  4. NatureBoy - The superhero equivalent of Alex.
  5. Rose-Girl - The Superhero Equivalent of Isabella.
  6. Greenman - The Superhero Equivalent of Greenboy.
  7. Scratchman - The Superhero Equivalent of Scratch Cat. Don't mess with this cat, or get banned.
  8. Clonemecha - The Superhero Equivalent of Clonemare.
  9. Amywoman - The Superhero Equivalent of Clone Amy. She moved here because she saw her dad... fuck her mom.
  10. HumanDino - The Superhero Equivalent of Human Yoshi. Don't confuse her with a normal Yoshi, or else she will use her claws to Scratch you.
  11. Supar ClonMenBoy - The Superhero Equivalent of Clon Sunky.
  12. NurseGoldWoman - The Superhero Equivalent of Nurse Golden.
  13. NightmareWoman - The Superhero Equivalent of Nightmare Amy.

14. The Right Plumber - The Superhero Equivalent of Righty Mario. While taking a walk, Righty Mario & His Peach puppet got invited for Cyberman & Friends.

15. Rotten-Hedge - The Superhero Equivalent of Molden. He was a minion for Lefty Sonic, but Lefty Sonic abandoned him & so, he joined Cyberman & Friends.

16. CreamBunny - The Superhero Equivalent of Toy Cream. She always leaves her carrots on A983's House, all the time.

17. FeelBoy - The Superhero Equivalent of Clone Feel.

18. SquirrelBoy - The Superhero Equivalent of Clone Ray.

Oh no, Evil A983 strikes back! But with more villains!

  1. Evil A983 - The Evil form of A983 from an alternate universe. He has been A983's Arch-nemesis for as long as he can remember.
  2. Female Evil A983 - The evil form of Female A983. She was once used as an experiment for Evil A983, but she has since been dumped. Later, Evil A983 found her in a dumpster, and decided to re-program her and bring her back to life, and now she's back.
  3. Lefty Sonic - Due to a Twitter incident, Lefty Sonic agreed to join The Evil A983 Clan, alongside with her brother: Righty Sonic. Lefty Sonic doesn't mess around anymore. She is now being serious.
  4. Righty Sonic - Lefty Sonic forced him to join The Evil A983 Clan, and due to Lefty Sonic threatening him, he joined The Evil A983 Clan. He is the "comedy relief" of the clan.
  5. Tymek - The first enemy A983 encounters while working at the Krusty Scratch. He uses the 10 Pickles of wisdom to defeat & mock A983. A983 (Cyberman) & his pals cannot let that happen.

When their forces combine together, they form the EVILA983MECHA, a mecha version of Evil A983 that is more powerful, more gigantic, and more evil.

In this game, you get to explore Scratchland & other places like you have never seen them before! Visit the Krusty Scratch, Sonic's Hero Pizza Palace, Lefty Sonic's House, Evil A983's Lair and ScratchCity!

Here, we will respond to your most requested questions.

Q: Is this The A983's World Movie Game 3?

A: No. This is an original A983's World Game.

Q: Will you add (Insert Character Name Here)?

A: Gee, i would love to, but you will have to wait.

Q: Team Cyantix is coming.

A: Read this.

Install instructions

1. Download the .rar file.

2. Have a .rar extractor like WinRar? Well, use it on "A983sWorldFBW.rar"!

3. Click on "Game.exe".

4. Enjoy!

If you have the itch app, no problem! You can just install and play!


A983's World: Fractured But Whole Version 1.2.0 361 MB

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